Barberry is native to the temperate and subtropical regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America. However, without a doubt, Iran is the largest barberry producer in the world, which provides about 95% of the world's barberry. Barberry can be used as dried fruit and also in food industry. 
Barberry can act as a notable booster for heart and liver and it is useful for healing liver diseases. This herb relieves the pain of rheumatism and swelling.
Barberry juice could easily purify and disinfect the blood. It works as a regulator for gastrointestinal tract. In addition, it could significantly eliminate kidney and liver glands, nausea, vomiting, bile, liver, indigestion and kidney stones.
The other advantages of Barberry are as below:
-Blood pressure reducer
-Bladder and kidney cleanser
-Heart amplifier 
According to the Barberry’s leaf, it contains lots of vitamin C and can act as a treatment for scurvy disease. Chewing Barberry’s leaf can also lead to Tighten and strengthen gums and teeth.
We can provide you with packages of 5 kg to 50 kg. Also, the weight of packages could be flexible as your desire.