Tragacanth gum is a gum that is obtained by splitting the stems of some Astragalus from the Leguminosae strain (Chickpea). Tragacanth is a Greek word composed of two parts: Tragos means the goat, and the other is Akantha. The horn and apparently this term have been chosen for this purpose, the kitty’s product is similar to the horn of the goat. Most types of gummiferous gum go at elevations of 1,200 to 3,100 meters. In an old belief that it produces more gum, after cutting a trunk of some plant over the shrub, it is believed that the plant is echoed for seeing this scenery and tears that this tear is the product of the kitty.
It uses a high quality type of drug in pharmacy as an insolubilizing agent suspensory agent, and it is also used in various drug products to emulsify oils and resins. The gum is used in the grinding industry as an interlacing agent and in cosmetic industries, in particular in lotions, hand creams and liposomes as emollients and emulsifiers. It is also used as a binder for artificial teeth. The quality of the coat is used in the textile industry, especially the chimney industry.

We have two types of Tragacanth:

-Ribbon 1,2,3 and 4 


-Flake 26,27 and 28.

In addition, we can provide you with another product which is called:

-Gum Zedo (Shiraz)